Written work and photoessays

Inside Georgia's Textile Industry

Award-winning, three-part undercover investigation of the labour conditions in Georgian textile factories that ship brands to Europe. Illustrations by Dato Parulava. 

OC Media

The Political Education of Christina Pushaw, Ron DeSantis’ Enforcer on X

Photograpy for the in-depth investigation of Christina Pushaw, by Eve Fairbanks. 


The Polish Village is Tested

In the first weeks of Ukraine invasion, Polish-Ukrainian border town Przsemysl converted into a refugee receiving center. Together with Peter Liakhov we went to document the first week of crisis. 

New Lines Magazine

Taking The Night Train Across War-Torn Ukraine

As the railway became the vital artery to get to Ukraine, I took a 24 hour journey to Kyiv and back, to capture the life on the night train and talk to passengers and railway workers, riding through the country at war. 

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

The Young Activists Smuggling Military Equipment into Ukraine

How a small apartment in Warsaw turned into an outpost that supplied Ukraine with donated military equipment. 

Huck Magazine

In Georgia, If You Want To Hear The Ruling Party's Talking Points, Just Go To Church  

Why are spiritual leaders endorsing anti-western  rhetoric of the government? An insight into Georgian Orthodox church and the politically charged sermons amid the unrest of the pre-election year.  

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty